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Application Life-cycle Management System (ALMS).

Planning and making decisions are an essential part of software production. Team members can work more effectively when the software product and it’s production process are agreed, planned and managed.

Black Box Test

Software Black Box tests are functional tests carried out without knowledge of the working code. Black Box test example. Black Box tests are Dynamic Tests. A simple example would be to test that form data is retained as expected in the database. Data can be entered at the form and observed in the database. The…
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Browser Automation

Get started quickly with this ready made script to use Python and Selenium to automate a web browser to run a test, then verify and display the result.

Graft Computing Test Tips

Graft Computing Test Tips – Information, Test scripts, Test templates, test models, code examples and other useful software test tools.

Context Anomaly Detection

Anomalies are something deviating from usual. Anomalies in online e-commerce businesses visitor metrics may indicate something good or bad about the monitored web site. Companies can use this information to react accordingly. It is a vital part of monitoring online business activity.