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Software Test solutions for desktop applications, device apps, and digital analytics services. 

Graft Computing Ltd are suppliers of Software Test Professionals to digital development companies.

We help software development teams when project test requirements are high. We integrate as a partnership to production teams providing quality assurance and test services.


Test Planning:

Analyse project and product test requirements.

Assist with User Story creation and testability.

Provide test resource estimations.


Test Execution:

Document test methods.

Execute manual test methods, and automation scripts.

Support issue resolution.


Quality Control:

Manage test cases and configuration management.

Compliance and reports.

Retrospective, continuous improvement.

Remote & In house test

If your web service under development has a test environment with remote access, we can offer remote test activity.

Test tool requirements and test cases can be designed and estimated for sprint planning, then executed as the new features and changes are pushed to the test environment.

If your team’s software system needs testing on site, we can provide software test resources to your premises.

 Digital Analytics Q.A.

Analytic tags used for data analysis play an important role for businesses to better understand their website visitor behaviour.

Analytic tags can be tested manually. When analytic tag campaigns grow, an automated solution is needed.

We are experienced in providing automated analytic tag test solutions to ensure the quality of your website visitor data.

GA UA Tealium Adobe Analytics Floodlight Celebrus ObservePoint Anodot.

Customer Journey UI web Automation.

Continuous integration and development production models, create challenges for test to stay ahead.

Test and service deployment of web services can be made efficient through product development standards and well designed page element libraries.

Data driven tests drawing variable data from the same library are automatically maintained with updates.

We have been tested, and we passed.

I S T Q B Software Test Foundation Level qualification prepares testers for the standards and expectations of the professional software testers role.

I S T Q B Agile extension certification confirms an understanding of working methodologies that are popular with web and service development teams.

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