Black Box Test

Black Box Test

Black Box Test

Software Black Box tests are functional tests carried out without knowledge of the working code.

Black Box test example.

Black Box tests are Dynamic Tests. A simple example would be to test that form data is retained as expected in the database. Data can be entered at the form and observed in the database.

The software underneath is unknown to the tester. If an issue is discovered, the test steps and outcomes are given to the Development Engineer who can take it from there.

When should I use Black Box test techniques?

I am often asked to test software applications that have not previously under gone formal test. There is often little documentation to accompany the software product. The challenge as a tester is to quickly cover important aspects of the software’s function.

By focusing on designing and executing End to End black box test cases to cover important use cases, the first test suites created will naturally scope to key user requirements, and remain an asset for future regression tests.

The software’s usefulness to the customer, or quality, will be better assured increasing confidence in the product as well as building a picture of important product areas that may need attention.

Software Quality Explained.

A Grey box.

Black Box tests might be used with some knowledge of the code when testing prototype products for example in research environments where some understanding of the products internal workings would guide test scope and help identify efficient test activity.

Extreme Black Box Test.

Perhaps this is when a system is tested with blatant disregard for the products architecture, operating the system with unforgiving edge cases.

 You might want to highlight any issues you raise by using ‘Extreme Black Box Test’ as ‘Edge case’, so as not to trigger a false alert about your wellbeing.

Jason Bunting – Graft Computing Ltd.

How often should I use Black Box techniques?

It depends but generally you will be testing with this technique when testing web, desktop, and mobile device applications as a user. Back box tests are prominent in most manual and use case driven development tests, as well as many non functional test cases.

Although knowing about Black Box test won’t improve your test performance much, it’s always good to know these things.

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