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Digital Analytics tag & data layer test.

Learn about the basics of digital web tag data layer parameters and values.


What is software quality? Who is in charge of it? How can it be measured?

Functional Test

Functional Test is a test method used on compiled code to determine the correct function of the software as defined by the specifications or user story.

Software Test Analyst

In the last century, the early software tester was a down trodden team outsider. Over time, the value of the tester has been realised by businesses, and testers have been given their deserved recognition, and real job titles.

Exploratory Test

Exploratory test will generally require some learning of the product as part of, and during test phases. Experienced Software Test analysts may use ‘Exploratory Test’, n advanced test method used to complement more conventional and formal test activity. Exploratory Test has a structured approach defined by using previous test experience of similar technologies or products.…
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