Dynamic Test

Dynamic Test

Test activity that exercises the built code and it’s environment. Working codes is tested in it’s operational state using input parameters or data, and verifying expected results are achieved. System load test, and security tests are other examples of dynamic test.

Dynamic test falls mainly into two categories:

  • Non-Functional Testing
    • Performance Test – How well the system responds in time.
    • Reliability Test- How often do problems occur.
    • Usability Test – How well does the web site design match the user workflows.
  • Functional Testing – How the software works
    • Unit Test – Development task to test component parts.
    • Integration Test – Testing the components working together
    • System Test – Testing the software with it’s dependant environments and system
    • Security Test
    • Acceptance Test – Testing the whole product works as agreed.

The subject of dynamic test covers a wide range of activities, test models and methods. These subjects will be covered individually in future Test Tips posts.